What’s Truly Stowing Away in Your Bedding?

We may wash our bed sheets a lot, however what number of us, hand on heart, can say we are as in-depth when washing our duvets and pillows? All things considered, washing the bedding consistently can be sufficiently monotonous, not to mention the rest of the bedding.

Be that as it may, our pillows and duvets take a battering – for around 56 hours per week…. Click here to read more



Self Service Wash Delivery Service

Our delivery vans are now a common site on the streets of Aylesbury, why not look out for them, they can not be missed as they have a big pink sock design!!!



The Lost Sock Takes Aylesbury by Storm

Opened on Monday July 2nd 2012 at the popular Parton Road shopping parade.

From the begginning The Lost Sock’s concept was to operate a bright clean new laundrette, not just somewhere to take your laundry, but a destination in its own right.

The former bakers shop has been completely refurbished and kitted out as a fashionable, modern new laundrette. As one new to the industry there was a lot of research to be done and a lot has been learned since… Click here to read more


Self Service Wash

Open 7 days a week, 8.15am to 7pm (self service) – Including bank holidays!

Our professional laundry staff are available for serviced washes etc and to assist at the following times:

Monday – Friday 8.15am to 4.30pm

Saturday 8.15am to 3.30pm

Sunday – no service washes – self service only (including bank holidays)



The Lost Sock Radio Campaign

Marvin Gay’s famous hit The Grape Vine is now the theme tune to our mix 96 radio campaign!

Do you remember the commercial where a guy goes into a laundrette, takes off his 501 Levi Jeans and sits there in just his boxers waiting for his jeans to wash in the washer?

Who knows ladies… The next time he washes his jeans, he could be in the lost sock laundrette!

Please let us have your comments and views!